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An Evening with Christine Pelosi

We are thrilled to host an evening with Christine Pelosi, member of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and chair of the Women's Caucus for the California Democratic Party. When we meet, Christine will have just left the California Democratic Convention, where she will have met nearly all of the presidential candidates, and she will share her insights on that race, as well as what is happening in Washington, with us.

With a glass-ceiling breaking FIVE women in the race,

Christine Pelosi
will speak about:

“Democratic Women Leading the Way”
focusing on the
Women’s Caucus, the Attack on Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood,
Women’s Health and fully funding ACA.

If you haven't seen Christine, she was on MSNBC this weekend, where she spoke about her Speaker Nancy Pelosi and she was impressive:

Our special event is:

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

6-8 pm
at the home of Roni & Don Feinstein
Address with RSVP
You can RSVP by replying to this email or by paying (using link below)

Cost of event - $30 - Members, $40 - Non-Members, $72-Membership

This will be a fun and fascinating event to kick off the summer!

Refreshments will be served and there will be a raffle!
Your participation will help DemOC PAC contribute to 2020 Democratic candidates. We MUST keep the House, and win the Senate and the Presidency!

We look forward to seeing you there!
I hope everyone is well and surviving the daily onslaught of Trump. Every day, we are grateful that the Congress is run by Democrats, that 2020 is on the horizon, and that Nancy Pelosi leads the House. And, speaking of the Speaker, her daughter is our special guest at the very exciting event we are hosting in just two weeks!



Norberto Santana, the publisher of Voice of OC, was a dynamic and inspiring speaker. He talked about the nonprofit model for journalism and the critical importance of investigative reporting at the local level. Norberto explained how corporations have been buying up newspapers around the country for years. As a result, the mission of most papers and other media outlets has become to focus on entertainment in order to sell products. By contrast, the nonprofit model of Voice of OC and ProPublica has a mission to inform and engage with community about the choices facing public officials. The daily goal of Voice of OC is to inform the public and help connect the dots between local, state and federal issues, and to show the connection between campaign contributions and public officials and their policies. 

We all left the meeting as subscribers to the Voice of OC and supporters of Norberto and what he is doing. We look forward to welcoming him at our future meetings. Thank goodness he is dedicated to our county and our community!