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Tipping Point

I had planned to write this the last few days, but could hardly bring myself here, the news has been so wretched. How do we address what has been happening in this country, the three mass murders, the energized white supremacists and now the fear that embraces all of us and particularly those of us in the Latino community? I will list some articles below but I believe, as many commentators have said (some below -- see especially Richard Parker in the NYTimes), that Trump has energized this murderous behavior. Of course, the president has colluded with a Republican Senate that refuses to pass gun control legislation. Both the Senate and and Republican House members are in the pocket of the NRA. Where are the decent Republican officeholders willing to stand up to this dangerous and repugnant president? All but a few seem to have gone to the grave with Senator McCain.

We all have much to say but hopefully, we have reached some sort of tipping point. But we MUST, we MUST, now more than ever, retain the Democratic majority in the House, we MUST elect a Democratic Senate and we MUST win the White House. There is much important work to do but none more than stopping the racist rants of a terrorist and taking these weapons of war out of the hands of maniacs. That said...

I am very excited about our next meeting....we will be joined by our own...

Congressman Harley Rouda!

Thursday, August 29, 2019
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Activism Update

High School Voter Registration Days. Help register new young voters at upcoming OC high school registration & orientation days (various days and schools, Aug 7 - Aug. 13). The more people we have, the more students we can register or preregister. Please note that these are all NONPARTISAN events. More info & sign up:

Saturday August 17, 12:30-2:30pm

 at David Sills Lower Canyon Park in Irvine. DCCC organizers in Orange County will be hosting a Keep OC Blue volunteer appreciation picnic. More info & RSVP

Saturday August 24,12:30-2:30pm. The DCCC is hosting a 19th Amendment Anniversary Party in Irvine. This August is the 99th anniversary of women earning the right to vote in the United States—and there’s no better way to celebrate this milestone than coming together and honoring Congresswoman Katie Porter and other strong women in CA-45. Rep. Porter and Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris will speak!  More info & RSVP:

Voter Registration Events by DCCC 
Sunday, Aug. 11, noon - 6pm, Irvine. More info & sign up:  
Tues., Aug 13, 10a-1p, Santa Ana. More info & sign up:


Did you see it???? August 6, 2019 marks the day!!! Dems have overtaken Republicans in OC!!! And you thought it wouldn't happen? DemOC PAC and all of OC's activists were part of it!!! WOO HOO!

If you read nothing, read this beautifully written, sad, on point piece by El Paso native Richard Parker (author of Lone Star Nation). He has it all right. It will touch your heart, it will make you weep, it will make you nod and you will share it. We seriously know we cannot allow this madman to continue to occupy the White House.

Last, I heard Connie Schultz, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist and Senator Sherrod Brown's wife, speak on Rachel Maddow. She was talking about Congressman Mike Turner, an Ohio Republican, supporting gun control legislation. Her words were, "Whatever gets them here, welcome." Hopefully, others will follow. We need them. There is a feeling this might be a tipping point. I hope so.

I will admit that I am an Instagram follower of Katie Couric. She has evolved over the years from the smiling anchor to a woman of great substance (plus a fellow gardener.) After these terrible shootings, she profiles each of the victims. It is done with a lot of heart and, if you are on Instagram, I encourage you to read Katie's profiles.

If only Trump were a president who gave consolation to a country in mourning...the Washington Post wrote an EXCELLENT editorial about what a real president might say...

Frank Figliuzzi, former assistant FBI director for counterintelligence, wrote a piece for the NY Times about Trump's integral part in bringing these shootings about.