For many years, Orange County Democrats have felt invisible here in "Republican" Orange County. DemOC PAC was organized in 2008 to mobilize and inspire Orange County Democrats and like-minded people to make a difference in the politics of our county and our country. Finally, in 2016, the Democratic candidate beat the GOP candidate for US President-- the first time the OC went blue since 1936. Democrats are here, and we are not going away. We are getting stronger. 

As a Political Action Committee, we engage in effective action on political issues.  We also raise money around our priorities to strengthen our voices, bring you access to prominent candidates and give you a voice. We know that we can do significantly more as a group than individually.  

We can't do any of this without YOU.  We need your participation and your dollars, which go straight to the candidates we support.  

Our Contributions 

Russ  Feingold - Senate
Tammy Duckworth - Senate
Foster Campbell - Senate

Julia Brownley - House
Raul Ruiz - House
Mark Takano - House
Sukhee Kang - House
Jay Chen - House
Janice Hahn - House
Lois Capps - House

Barbara Boxer--Senate
Beth Krom--House 
Bill Hedrick-- House 
Loretta Sanchez--House 
Russ Feingold--Senate
Friends for Harry Reid

Beth Krom--House

Barack Obama--President 
Hillary Clinton--President
Loretta Sanchez-- House 
Debbie Cook--House
Steve Young--House 
Bill Hedrick--House
Ed  Chau, House
Ben Ray Lujan--House
Mark Begich--Senate
Rep. Mark Udall--Senate
Mary Landrieu--Senate
Ronnie Musgrove--Senate
Jeanne Shaheen--Senate

Since our launch in 2008, we have held over 30 events. 
President Obama, Vice President Biden, Senator Boxer, California Controller John Chiang, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, Stevie Wonder, and Jackson Browne were all at events DemOC PAC hosted or co-sponsored. We can give you access.  The photographs below were taken by our members.