The mission of the Democrats of Orange County Political Action Committee (DemOC PAC) is to harness the resources of Orange County to strategically support Democratic candidates and policies throughout the nation.  Empowered by and giving voice to a dynamic, broad-based community, we provide visible leadership and a receptive forum to advocate for, influence and shape an enlightened, progressive political landscape.

We believe that progressive values and policies reflect the intrinsic worth and dignity of every human being and are essential for each person to reach his or her potential in a democratic society. Political action and advocacy are a privilege and the responsibility of all individuals. Broad, informed participation, committed to the common good, is crucial for a democratic society. The leadership, shared values and common goals of like-minded people working together can influence, shape and change American culture so that it supports all people. Access to high quality health care is a basic right for all Americans. Educated, skilled people are essential to the quality of life and future of a democratic nation. People have the right to make their own choices regarding their personal health and life decisions. A humanitarian, respectful, peace-building, collaborative approach to foreign policy is essential for the safety and future of American society and all peoples and countries. Improving and protecting the natural environment is critical to the survival of all inhabitants on earth. Economic prosperity, in a just society, benefits everyone.  

DemOC PAC  supports candidates with the following positions:  

Health Care:  The candidate is committed to and has a specific plan that provides quality health care for all Americans. 

Environment:  The candidate is committed to science, and to protecting and improving the natural environment. 

Choice:   The candidate is committed to protecting a woman's right to choose regarding her reproductive health.

Foreign Policy:  The candidate advocates a humanitarian, peace-building approach to foreign policy.