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There’s a lot going on in Orange County and across the country. Use our calendar to see upcoming local events. And use these links to track more political activity – we’ve found the sites to be good resources.

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At our last meeting

At our last meeting we promised to pass along info from the Rouda, Kierstad, Min and Porter campaigns as it was given to us so here is what we have so far:

From Nathan at Harley Rouda's campaign:

Knocking on doors and making calls remain our priorities. We need to have valuable conversations with as many CA-48 voters as possible in the time we have left.
For those of you canvassing during the week: we ask that you take out a packet for the week, finish it during the week, and complete another packet at a weekend canvass launch. Each packet has roughly 50 doors; of our all-star canvassers, we ask that you complete two packets during the week! We want to send out as many packets across the district as possible.
For those of you who focus on phonebanking: we'd like for you to attend at least two phonebanks every week. If you complete 10 call sheets (110 calls) at each phonebank, this would mean 20 sheets per week.

Allow me to add: we are looking for more Phonebank and Canvass Captains - particularly in Aliso Viejo, Huntington Beach, Westminster, and Garden Grove. Please let us know if you can help or if you know anybody who might. We'd love your assistance recruiting new volunteers, as well. No rocks unturned.

Please, feel free to reach out to me and Avery with any questions. We'd love for you to both phonebank and canvass. But, we recognize that you lead busy lives and we appreciate all the work you've done so far. Without your efforts, we would not be where we are today. That said, this month will make or break our campaign. We all agree that Harley both is our best shot at beating Dana and would make the best representative. It is imperative that we get him past the primary. With you on our team, I know that we can do just that!

A few good articles not to be missed...

Upcoming Events

Join us for a lively night.... With all of the major candidates from the 45th and the 48th!

Start Date:



University Synagogue 3400 Michelson Drive, Irvine

Event Description:

Join us for a lively night....
With all of the major candidates from the 45th and the 48th!

Meet. Greet. Ask questions.
Hear their answers, explanations, similarities and differences.
Why are they in the races, why do they stay? Who can win?

From the 45th
Brian Forde. Kia Hamadanchy. David Min. Katie Porter.

From the 48th
Hans Keirstead. Rachel Payne. Harley Rouda. OmarSiddiqui.

This year, we know, more than ever, our congressional races are so important...we must add back the congressional check on the power of the white house and right our ship of state!

Tuesday, may 22
Check in at 6 pm
Program will begin promptly at 6:30 pm
University synagogue*, 3400 michelson drive, irvine
Admission $5.00 members, $10.00 non-members
You can join the pac here. Https://

Rsvp (to this email) appreciated.
*non denominational meeting, all welcome

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