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There’s never been a more important time to be a Democrat in Orange County!

Orange County is poised to make real changes in its political leadership, reflecting the core beliefs of our growing Democratic base. DemOC PAC is harnessing momentum in the OC to help advance progressive values and policies on the national landscape.

But we know from hard experience that winning votes to make that change takes financial commitment and action.

DemOC PAC is here to mobilize and inspire people like you to lead the way.
Get to know us! You’ll like what you discover.
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Upcoming Events

Zoom DemOC Pac Meeting

Start Date:



Zoom Call

Event Description:

We are lucky enough to be joined by
Congressman Mike Levin!!
next Tuesday, April 14
at 5 pm (Please note the early hour)

Congressman Levin will
present an overview of the legislation being developed in Congress, including the next phase to help people and combat the effects of Covid19 along with Congressional actions to prepare Orange County for Covid19
Thoughts on climate change
A campaign update
National Primary briefing

You don't have to drive, bring goodies, or physically distance at this will be in the comfort of your home, on your computer, pad or smartphone.
Official link to follow, but please mark your calendar today. Zoom is pretty easy but if you've never been on a Zoom call, you might take a peek!

Congresswoman Katie Porter

Start Date:




Event Description:

We are so excited to be joined by
Congresswoman Katie Porter!!
Tuesday, April 21

There will be a Q&A following.

Undoing Racism: Commitment to Change

Start Date:



Zoom Meeting

Event Description:

The evening program will offer presentations by Black leaders in our community about racism, anti-racism, and social accountability. As members of DemOC Pac, most of us are currently engaged in extensive reading and the watching of documentaries, seeking to take advantage of this moment in history to educate ourselves and raise our level of consciousness about racism. We strive to use our white privilege for the good and seek a better way forward. The presentations will focus on ways we can contribute to the formation of a just and equitable society, with a focus on what actions can be taken here in O.C.

Our presenters are:

Reverend Dr. Ralph E. Williamson, pastor of Christ Our Redeemer (COR), African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME), in Irvine

Gianna Drake-Kerrison, First Vice President-Wealth Management, Kerrison Wealth Management, UBS Financial Services, Inc., Newport Beach

Dr. Fred Calhoun, President, NAACP, Orange County Branch, Santa Ana

Kelsey Brewer, Chair, Orange County Young Democrats
See Event

DemOc Pac Meeting

Start Date:


Event Description:

We will be joined by

Details to follow

Don't Miss Out!

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