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It is difficult to imagine that just over a week has passed since our Candidate Forum! The media has been swarming over Orange County and our forum was in the center. Articles are below. Not only were we filled with people but the reporters had a field day.
I hope you were there to take it all in. If not, read below. You will get the flavor!

Tough questions were posed by our moderators and audience to all candidates from the 45th and 48th and Kia Hamadanchy, Katie Porter, Brian Forde and Dave Min along with Harley Rouda, Hans Kierstad and Omar Siddiqui all did a good job.

By the time we meet again, the primary will be over and we will break it all down, discuss what happened, and look to November and how we will approach it as activists and as a PAC.

I hope you will join us...

Election Breakdown - Take it Apart to Put it Together for November!

Tuesday, June 19
6:30 PM

University Synagogue, 3400 Michelson Drive, Irvine
Admission $5.00


*non denominational meeting, all are welcome


Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,



The National Press was all over our meeting and the OC Elections!

(For the nerds among us, this is all great coverage)

And there we are on the front page of the NY Times...

As well as Adam Nagourney's take, which is really good..

And then we showed up on NPR's Morning Edition and I started getting texts at 4 am!

Roll Call has a good piece on the forum...

The Intercept has a good piece about what's going on in the 45th...

A fantastic explanation of the top two primary debacle

Possible good news in the 49th!