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April 14 @ 5pm meeting w/Mike Levin!

Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

I hope you are all well and taking good care of yourselves during a time like we have never seen. Who thought we would be in the midst of a pandemic; each day brings some sadness, some surprise and some new challenge or newly discovered interest. And there are so many kindnesses as well. I am heartened by the many things people are willing to do for one another during this time of great need and stress. Please, I said this last time, reach out to this email for anything. We are happy to talk, shop, bring you food, books, puzzles or just answer a question or keep you company. Last week I was able to write notes to a few members, share a puzzle and books and some emails I received about small business. Those small gestures helped me as much as they did the people who reached out to me! So please, be in touch!

And without further for the PAC news!
Our first Zoom meeting is coming right up!

We are lucky enough to be joined by
Congressman Mike Levin!!
next Tuesday, April 14
at 5 pm (Please note the early hour)

Congressman Levin will
  • present an overview of the legislation being developed in Congress, including the next phase to help people and combat the effects of Covid19 along with Congressional actions to prepare Orange County for Covid19
  • Thoughts on climate change 
  • A campaign update
  • National Primary briefing

You don't have to drive, bring goodies, or physically distance at this will be in the comfort of your home, on your computer, pad or smartphone.
Official link to follow, but please mark your calendar today. Zoom is pretty easy but if you've never been on a Zoom call, you might take a peek!

Watch this space for announcements of meetings with Congresswoman Katie Porter and Congressman Harley Rouda!

We look forward to seeing you there!