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Newsletter April 13, 2018

What about Paul Ryan and the FBI's raid on Michael Cohen's office? 

We have pretty big news right here in OC where Michael Kotick dropped out of the race for the 48th CD and threw his support behind Harley Rouda. Good news for the Democrats!

Dear DEMOC PAC Members and Friends, 

That brings us to the topic of Our next meeting which is coming right up...obviously so much is going on as we get ever closer to our California primaries. Though we are focused on our own 4 seats, various articles say there are up to 50 seats in play. Is the blue wave a tsunami or will it peter out? We need it...that's for sure. We MUST stop the Trump agenda. 
I feel sure the moment the Democrats take over they will file Articles of Impeachment against the man I can barely stand to call the President. And then I wonder....will Mueller get to him first and indict him? Is that even possible? Whatever happens, it is a must that the Democrats take at least the House and possibly the Senate in November. We all...those of us in the OC and around the entire country, must stay active and engaged and involved to make this happen.

That said, at our next meeting we are going to take a reality check about what is happening in our own races. We are going to continue the conversations we started at our last meeting with former candidates Jay Chen (39th) and Laura Oatman (48th) and talk about our 4 districts, our many candidates and how to deal with the problem of too many Democratic candidates possibly choking ourselves out of the chance of placing first or second in the June "Jungle" primaries. 

The Political Research Committee will address the Jungle primary problem and we will talk about the possibility of endorsement. We will speak openly and frankly about how we want to address this issue, as individuals and as a Political Action Committee. Be ready.

Join us on Tuesday, April 17 
6:00 PM
University Synagogue, 3400 Michelson Drive, Irvine
$5.00 Admission

We will first meet by Congressional District and then meet as a group. Attached below are bios from the four leading candidates in the 45th and the three leading candidates 48th. (Note: the jungle primary "problem" exists in the 39th (Royce district), 48th (Rohrabacher district) and 49th (Issa district), but NOT in the 45th (Mimi Walters district) because Mimi is the only Republican on the ballot. In the 45th, one of the leading Democrats will place first or second and thus qualify for November. In the other districts, the field is crowded and the danger is two Republicans will place first and second in June.) Please come armed with your thoughts and ideas. We look forward to seeing you.

Please be sure to come to this meeting. It is important and we need your thoughts and your input! I will send more information before the meeting

Thanks and we will see you Tuesday!


I know many of you have asked for a shared calendar and we have been looking for a good one. I have tried to share the one from the Democratic Party of Orange County but with no luck. If you go to their website and sign up, you can get their weekly calendar, which is pretty good. Give it a try...
Here is another calendar for your reference