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Nortorious RGB and more

Defense Secretary James Mattis just resigned in protest against the president? Secretaries of State have resigned in protest, but never before a Secretary of Defense. Who will be Donald Trump's choice to succeed the level-headed Mattis, the last "adult in the room"? This on the the same day that the acting Attorney General cleared himself so that he can be in charge of the Mueller investigation. Cleared himself? Seriously? As we listened to the news last night, my husband said, "Thank goodness we won the House." More honest words were never spoken. Such relief. Now Trump and his Republican Senate can't even agree on funding the government because DT can't stand the fact that his wall isn't funded and is getting serious flak from Fox News and the right-wing noise machine. We are facing a government shutdown. And the beat goes on.

And today, the Notorious RBG, our beloved Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, has had surgery for lung cancer. We understand that they "got it all" and that she is resting comfortably. We hope and pray that she recuperates well so that she can continue her critical work on the Court and in her own life.

Things WILL BE DIFFERENT in just a few weeks when we will see our huge California Democratic Congressional delegation go to Washington, including our FOUR Democrats from Orange County!!! and the House is BLUE!!!! A Democratic Congress, Democratic Committee Chairs...some sanity and security and a little of the safety net will return.

Because some of our local congressional members are having swearing-in ceremonies the same week as our meeting, we have moved our first meeting of the year. Please note our new date....

Tuesday, January 15

6:30 pm
University Synagogue
3400 Michelson Drive, Irvine

We are honored to welcome
Melahat Rafiei
She will speak on the Dem's 2018 and
looking forward to 2020!

Melahat is Orange County's only member
of the Democratic National Committee,
Political and Public Affairs Consultant, Businesswoman,
Former Executive Director of the Democratic Party of OC,
and Mom.

$5 per person

RSVP appreciated, reply to this email

KEEP Reading - Women's March info below

We look forward to seeing you in January and wish you Happy Holidays!

Lita and the DemOC PAC Executive Committee
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

We can't wait to gather together again at the 3rd Annual OC Women's March on Saturday, January 19!

DemOC Pac will march as a group with our banner and

we have busses so we can all go together and avoid traffic and parking headaches!

Busses will leave from Irvine at 8 am. (Location will be announced via email.)

To reserve a seat on the bus, purchase your ticket by January 3, 2019. For $35, you can have a bus ticket and a t-shirt. T-shirts are pictured below.
Sold separately, bus is $20 and t-shirt is $20.
(Scroll down for shirt sizing and pricing, put what you are paying in "amount" and what it is for -- t-shirt or bus or both -- in "Comment" section)

We are looking forward to marching together as a BLUE ORANGE COUNTY!

We know there have been questions about the leadership of the National Women's March. The OC Women's March is not part of the National March organization and is self-supporting and funding. Please see our prior email or our Facebook page for the official statement from the Women's March.

Please reply to this email or call me at 714-293-2181 if you have any questions.