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Difficult to recap the week...

It is so difficult to recap the week, or even the last few days. Bill Barr has now been condemned by how many Justice Dept. attorneys? Are the Republicans completely tone deaf? I read a terrifying article in Business Insider about Authoritarianism and the Republican party and I wonder, do the Republicans just not care anymore? How could they even consider that this is ok? So now, more than ever, we must Keep the House, Elect the Senate and Win the Presidency. This is our mantra for the next 8-1/2 months. (I also read a nice article in NY Magazine about how Obama is hanging back in his endorsements until the Convention, for anyone who is interested:-)

At last week's meeting, we had an informative presentation from the Registrar of Voters office about voting. Voting is easy, by mail and at Voting Centers. NPP's can vote as Democrats if they request a ballot. Please, if you have any questions, contact the Registrar or reply to this email and we will get them answered. We must have a good turnout to win. And please read more below about down ballot races!

I cannot tell you how excited we our next meeting we are going to welcome one of our most popular speakers...

UCI Political Science and Law

Professor Tony Smith

When Tony was here last year and he had us rapt and in STITCHES and we all envied those UCI students who are lucky enough to take his classes.

Join us Tuesday, March 10

6:30 pm
University Synagogue
3400 Michelson Drive, Irvine

$5 members, $10 non-members

RSVP appreciated, reply to this email

We have also been invited by our home/host, University Synagogue to two of their special evenings.

* First, on Friday, February 21, Dr. Norman Ornstein, will speak at University Synagogue Shabbat services. Services at 7:00 p.m., followed by his presentation. One of the most respected experts on Congress, the Presidency and American politics, Dr. Ornstein will speak, using both cathartic humor and detailed seriousness, about where America stands today and, even more importantly, what we can do about it. There will be time for questions after his talk, which is entitled "A Guide For The Perplexed, The Disillusioned, The Desperate And The Not-Yet-Deported."

* On Friday, February 28 at 7:00 pm, Valerie Plame will speak at services.

No RSVP is necessary for either of the above events. University Synagogue is excited to host members of DemOC PAC for these two special evenings.

Lita and the DemOC PAC Executive Committee

Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

In the 10 years we have been a PAC, it has NEVER been more important to give money than it is this year. We choose carefully, we give thoughtfully and we will make a difference in a year where nothing could matter more than helping to win the Senate, keep the House and the White House and save our Democracy. We hope you will join us and help us meet our goal of $70,000 so we can really make the difference in 2020.

Membership dues for 2020 are only $100 per year. But don’t be constrained, especially this year, by our basic level of dues. Many people pay more, up to $2700. You can join at the $100 level or $250 or $1000 -- whatever suits your budget. Please be generous this year, the most important year ever. And feel free to break your dues into monthly payments. Monthly subscriptions start at $10 a month...feel free to give $25, $50, $75, $100 or more. 
Please renew online today at    
Scroll to the bottom and click on “Join the PAC”

I know you have heard this before but be sure to vote all the way down the ballot. In this year's race, it is imperative that we vote in the County School Board sure to vote for Andy Thorburn, Beckie Gomez or Jordan Brandman (depending on where you live) and also for the Board of Supervisors. Some of you will have a choice between Democrats in those races but there is one race with only one Dem and that is where former Irvine Mayor and current Supervisor Don Wagner (R) is facing Democrat Ashleigh Aitken. In this race, it is as if it is already November. Whoever receives 50%+1 is the new supervisor.

If you have ballot questions, post them on our FB page or send them to this email and we will try to answer.

Here's a special message from our activism chair, Julie Tapp:

Greetings DemOC PAC-TIVISTS!
If you are feeling down or overwhelmed by the news, I get it. The horribleness of this administration is truly unbelievable, and living through this nightmare can feel overwhelming at times. As you probably know by now, my personal antidote to the news is activism, and I'm writing to ask for your help. 
But first, I also want to share with you the latest offer from Jen Hoffman, one of my favorite activism resources who sends out a weekly Americans of Conscience checklist. Jen is offering a 4-part shot in the arm for Americans of conscience called "The Art of Perseverance," starting this Tuesday. I would LOVE it if others in our group can do this donation-based series too. Check it out here

I have a feeling there's going to be a big boost in blue voters in the Yorba Linda primary this year!
SINCERE THANKS to everyone who helped with postcard writing and mailing, before, during and after our February meeting!!

We've had 2 fun and effective "Drop 50" events since Feb. 1, and have distributed 400 blue voter guide cards so far! We want to recognize those** who have pushed themselves out of their comfort zones to help distribute blue voter guides around UCI, University Hills and University Park. You all were amazing volunteers, and you helped us learn a lot on these first runs!

I have 2,100 cards in a box at my house where they are not helping sway anyone (not even the cat). PLEASE PLEASE if you are able, contact me to pick up a packet and hit up the dorms or a few friendly streets in University area. I'll go with you... or you can bring a friend! We are approaching registered Democrats and like-minded independent voters. It's super fun talking to students and others on campus!!

We realize many of you do not live near UCI. We are doing UCI as part of a coordinated effort with surrounding Democratic clubs to divide and conquer turfs close to the geographic location where we meet. There are still nearly 40,000 potential UCI voters to educate out there, and not much time to educate them before they turn in ballots. I can give you a packet and some addresses around UCI to do at your convenience any day & time this week, &/or you can come to one of the other organized events (signups below). 

To DROP 50 any day & time between now and Friday, Feb 21 
Contact Julie Tapp at or 949-702-6606.

Drop 50 Blue Voter Guides at UCI  
Friday, February 21st, 10:00am-2:00pm, meet at Peet’s Coffee, University Town Center, 4213 Campus Dr Suite P-166A, Irvine, CA 92612
Sign up here:

Get Out the Vote for OC Blue Candidates at UCI
Tuesday, March 3rd, 10:00am-2:00pm, UCI Vote Center at Mesa Court, 4053 Mesa Rd. Irvine, CA 92617
Sign up here: