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It is hard to imagine that it was just a week ago that we had our meeting ...probably our last face-to-face meeting for awhile. We will soon be in touch about an online meeting...our next gathering was scheduled for Tuesday, April 14 so stay tuned....

Our last meeting was a good one and for those who were there it was fun and so nice to be able to get together. For those who weren't, we missed you. We were definitely informed and entertained by Tony Smith...check out the recorded live feed on our Facebook Page.

During these trying times, when there is so much stress and we are trying to navigate life in such a strange fashion, it is good to remember the following:


DemOC PAC is a community," says Julie Tapp (Board Member and Activism Chair), "We know many of you have stocked up on groceries and are planning to shelter in place for a while, to minimize exposure to the coronavirus. Some of us may need a little extra help during this time, and others may be able to pitch in. Please reach out here or via private message to let us know if we can fill a need. Especially if you or your loved ones are in a high-risk category, we have volunteers who can shop for you, or walk you through ordering groceries or takeout online. We can walk your dog. If you get lonely or down or need to vent about the latest press conference, please reach out. We all need and want to care for each other through the rough times. We are so grateful for our DemOC PAC community! "

Please be in touch, tell us how you are doing, your thoughts, your needs, your ideas, your projects. We are here for each other and for you. Be well but, if you aren't, let us know and how we can help.

(Just reply to this email and it comes right to us!)

We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you soon!

Lita, Julie, Sara, Teri, Cindy, Deborah, and Ann
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

Though we are not meeting, your membership in DemOC PAC is more important than ever. We are hoping to hold special events but in the meantime, be sure you are a member! If you haven't joined or renewed for 2020, don't wait. If you have joined, can you pitch in another donation for this month? We are already making contributions to candidates locally and throughout the country and we can't do it without your participation.

We've been doing this since 2008 and our contributions have and will continue to make a difference. We are known for our research, for picking good candidates in close elections who need our money.

Go to the link, click and join today! And please, be generous. We are so appreciative.



Thank you so, so much to every person who helped with DemOC PACtivism since the beginning of the year. 2020 is the biggest political year of our lives, and we are off to a great start! Leading up to the March 3 primary, DemOC PAC members and friends 

delivered 2700 blue voter guides to voters in CA45 and CA48
  • wrote 500 postcards to voters in Yorba Linda
  • We educated voters and boosted turnout for Democrats up and down the ticket!

    We are working on teasing out our specific impact. Whatever the results, it certainly made a difference to our organizer to have the DemOC PAC community involved. We hope the time and effort you put in made a difference to you too!

    Here are 3 action items you can do from home in the week ahead.

    1. You may also enjoy the gratitudes and good news sections at the bottom of the letter, as well as the countdown at the top...174 weeks down, 33 weeks to go until the presidential election!
      Sign up for the awesome Americans of Conscience Newsletter and pick a few items to complete this week
    2. Please help us grow by sending out a personal message to like-minded friends with this link
      Take some time to go through your contacts and ask your friends (here and around the country) to join DemOC PAC. DemOC PAC's Political Research Committee is working hard to identify the most effective use of funds for us to bundle for key Senate and House races between now and November. But to give strategically, we have to raise the funds! If we pool our resources, our dollars can have an optimal impact on electoral gains in November. 
    3. about what kinds of effective political actions you would likely participate in over the weeks and months ahead. Would you write postcards that we can stockpile to send close to November? Are you likely to join a busload of people to register Democrats or help get out the vote in Arizona when it's safe to venture out again? Will you volunteer for OC Congressional campaigns? Can you host a house party or fundraiser or get a great speaker for DemOC PAC? We welcome any ideas you have to share!
      Email Julie Tapp (