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Join us for some Memorial Day/Week Activism!

Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

On this Memorial Day we are sharing with you a special opportunity to do some terrific activism...DemOC PAC has joined with several other groups through the OC Blue Wave Coalition to do postcarding. Please read below and you can sign up through the link below. Thanks so much and we hope you have had a safe and healthy weekend.

Blue Wave 2020 Postcarding Signup
We are less than 6 months away from the election. We are asking everyone who can to write postcards to Hold the House and Flip the Senate on November 3, 2020!

Round 1: Hold the House, Clean the House. We are starting our campaign now, with postcards to boost voter registration and turnout in 2 Congressional Districts to defeat Jim Jordan (Ohio) and Devin Nunes (Fresno, CA).
Round 2: Flip the Senate. We will do another batch of postcards in late June after the Kentucky and South Carolina primary elections, to help Ditch Mitch McConnell and Retire Lindsey Graham!
Round 3: Keep the OC Blue. If you aren’t already involved, we will transition to volunteering on campaigns (postcarding, phonebanking, etc.) for our OC incumbent Representatives in July.

Please sign up now at this link:
  • Your packets will include 20-30 postcards, addresses, suggested scripts, and instructions for returning your packet or having it collected.
  • We ask you to provide first class postage on each card if possible.
  • Some DemOC PAC members will be hosting postcard parties over Zoom; invitation to follow once you have signed up.
  • We will drop off packets to your house, or you can pick them up from Julie in Irvine if you prefer.
  • You will have about a week to complete your cards.
  • We will pick up the completed, stamped cards so that we can mail the cards via our contacts within Ohio and Fresno county (to get local postmarks).
Thanks again for volunteering your time to make a real difference in Holding and Cleaning the House!  
Whose house? Our house!!!
In solidarity,