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Donations have been made...

I have some great news from the PAC! The Political Research Committee recommended a number of donations be made before the end of the quarter, and DemOC PAC members approved them all. The following checks have been cut:

$1,000 to Congressman Mike Levin
$1,000 to Congresswoman Katie Porter
$1,000 to Congressman Harley Rouda
$1,000 to Congressman Gil Cisneros
$1,000 to Sara Gideon who is running against Sen. Susan Collins in Maine
$1,000 to Cal Cunningham who is running against Sen. Thom Tillis in N. Carolina
$1,000 to Mark Kelly, who is running against Sen. Martha McSally in Arizona

Many thanks to the Political Research Committee for all their hard work, to all of our members and donors who have made this possible and to all of you who voted...we are proud and happy to make these contributions to these candidates and we look forward to making more as the year goes on! If you aren't yet a member and want to participate in this process, please see link in red below!

Now on to the no less important news...Covid 19...
First and foremost, how is everyone doing? Please let us know if you are well, or if you are not. Please let us know if you need ANYTHING. We are a community and an army...we can cook, we can deliver, we can shop, we can answer questions, we can make a call to keep you company, we are here, on the other end of an email, a phone, a computer.

Tell us what you are doing, politically and not. Tell us what you are reading, cooking, your favorite activity. Send us pictures. Be in touch.

Politically, things are quiet. I miss the political news and am happy to see a political fact on TV occasionally.

Again, stay well and please reply to this email with thoughts, ideas, express your fears, complain or just to say hello.

Lita & the DemOC PAC crew
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

In these tough times, when this president and his supporters put our health and well being in danger, I hope you will consider either joining or making a contribution to DemOC PAC. Though the election may be off the front page, it is still happening and our candidates need to be funded. We need to win the Presidency, the Senate and we must hold on to the House of Representatives!

We are hoping to hold special events but in the meantime, we are all online! If you haven't joined or renewed for 2020, don't wait. If you have joined, can you pitch in another donation? As you see are already making contributions to candidates and we can't do it without you!

Go to the link, click and join today! And please, be generous. We are so appreciative.



Calling all DemOC PAC Volunteers,

Our wonderful Congresspeople need our help! They are asking for volunteers to make phone calls to check in on senior members of the community, on behalf of the campaigns. It's a nice and usually fun call to make! If there are seniors out there who need anything (prescriptions or groceries or just someone to talk to), we can connect their needs &/or concerns back to campaign staff. 

Since the phone banks are conducted from the comfort of your home, you will need a computer with internet access, a phone, some time to be trained, and about 2 hours per shift you sign up for. 

Please keep track your time - we will be surveying you so we can collectively know how much expert volunteer time DemOC PAC is contributing! 

CA48 Congressman Harley Rouda -- Volunteers needed!
Sign up for upcoming phone bank training:
Point person for this campaign:
Bailey Grebbin,, 949-633-9031

CA45 Congresswoman Katie Porter -- Volunteers needed!
Sign up for upcoming phone bank training:
Point person for this campaign:
Jasmine Miles,, 949-278-2429

Mike Levin's Campaign is setting this up and information will follow. Stay tuned!

Did you see the article about our own Katie Porter in last week's issue of California Sunday? Don't miss it!

Also, today's LA Times has a hopeful article about the spread of Corona virus in our state and that Governor Newsom's actions might have had a positive effect.

Missing politics? Check out former VP Joe Biden on Meet the Press and hear about his podcast...