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Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

Tomorrow is Election Day and I know we all have various ways of coping with this extremely meaningful and important election. Some are still working into the wee hours and through the night for their candidate. Some are glued to the TV or exercising or cooking or sleeping or gardening or...if you are me, you have a trade show tomorrow and you are making tortellini? (For those who don't know me I am in the food business.) That I have to be at a trade show on Election Day is ridiculous....but when I can, I will obsessively watch TV, post on Facebook and read everything in sight.


Before the votes are counted, I want to thank everyone for everything you have done. Thanks to our great Democratic candidates and for everyone in the PAC for supporting them in myriad of ways. Thank you for your donations, for coming to the meetings, for your activism, for participating and believing, for marching and for being there since we reconvened in January, 2017 and started this crazy ride to this 2018 election. We aren't through yet...onward to 2020! I look forward to getting together post election but I really wanted to say thank you to everyone before the election tomorrow. I really appreciate you, as does our entire Executive Committee....Lita

I cannot wait to see you next week!

Tuesday, November 13 at 6:30 pm.
for relaxation, hopeful celebration,
´╗┐talking and winding down

Jasmine Creek Community Room
110 Jasmine Creek Dr., Corona del Mar
Potluck Dinner
(Dinner sign-ups will come via Sign-up Genius)
$10 per person (to cover the cost of the room)