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Harley Rouda

First, I hope everyone is well. That is the most important thing. Every day looks pretty much the same..for me, my garden is wonderful right now, giving me constant pleasure with the roses in full bloom. At the same time, we are all stuck at home. It's gotten to the point where I look forward to packages arriving LOL. I'm so lucky one of my daughter's is here so we can grocery shop and cook together. And just think, Gov. Newsom says if the numbers stay positive we will be able to open up some of the retail economy in the coming days. Remember to wear your mask :-)

We had an amazing ZOOM meeting with Congresswoman Katie Porter a few weeks ago. She was so generous with her time and her thoughts and all who tuned in really enjoyed the time spent. We are very lucky.

We are about to be lucky for the third time.....

We will be joined by
Congressman Harley Rouda!
Tuesday, May 12
6 pm

Zoom information follows. Please click on this early, as you must register for this meeting. Thanks so much!

There will be a Q&A following.

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday! As always, we are here for you. Please be in touch if you need anything including shopping, a trip to the drugstore, a chat, a mask or a new book or a puzzle. We can make it happen. Just reply to this email and let us know what you need. I promise to write back (if I miss an email please tap me on the shoulder.)

´╗┐Take good care and stay well.

Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

Politics may be on the back burner of the news cycle, but the presidential election is less than 6 months away. Our work is more important than ever. Would we be prisoners in our homes, would literally thousands be dying every day (2,100 on 5/7) if Donald Trump were not president? If this pandemic had not been mishandled? If there was adequate testing?

The administration's criminal mishandling of the pandemic has made it more clear than ever that the Democrats MUST WIN the White House, the Senate and the House in November. We cannot let greed and corruption win. We can make a difference in key races with our dollars.

We need everyone to participate in this "Mayday" fundraising drive. If you have already joined, many, many thanks. We are asking you to get or give another $120 (or more) by the end of the month. Get a friend or family member to join or donate the amount again yourself if you can (in a lump sum or monthly)

If you haven't joined, what are you waiting for?
Please join now!!

Thank you so much. We are hoping to hold special  fundraising events through the summer and fall, but in the meantime, every Zoom event is special. We are grateful to be together, safe, well and that we have created such an important and meaningful community.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. We are looking forward to making more donations to candidates over the next 6 months, and to helping Democrats win in 2020!