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Current Newletter

Melahat Rafiei

May 28, 2021
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

Happy Memorial Day weekend! A year ago so much was different ... we would never have guessed that most of us would be vaccinated and that COVID cases would not be the top of the news. We hoped and prayed that our president would be a Democrat and now Joe Biden is! Of course there are some/too many unhappy things, but I won't recount them for you. Instead, celebrate Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance calling a Grand Jury to consider bringing criminal charges against DJT and his family.

To discuss what is happening in California and the nation, specifically the re-opening of our state, the recall election against Gov. Newsom, and the 2022 House and Senate races, we are lucky and so honored to be joined by our friend, fellow DemOC PAC member, newly elected California Democratic Party Secretary and Democratic National Committee Member....

the very wonderful-superwoman-politician and leader, Melahat Rafiei!

5:45 pm
in the Zoom Room

Please note that registration is required to join this meeting

I look forward to seeing you at this amazing meeting!

We are looking forward to an interesting and fun summer together ... and we hope to meet in person sometime soon!


Wednesday, June 16

Rooting for LIz Cheney??

May 11, 2021
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

When I find myself rooting for Liz Cheney, I know something is up. The Republican Party is not standing at the edge of a cliff, they have gone off that cliff, having sold their souls to Donald Trump and repeating the "Big Lie" that the election was stolen. Watching Mitt Romney getting booed off the stage by his own party in Utah was chilling.

The 2022 battle for the House is looking more and more like Gettysburg: a battle we have to win if we want the country to survive. We have to get creative and do more.

We need to build our ranks and add members for the fight to come.
While we are gathering volunteers and donations, we also need to gather names. Can you please take a moment and think about the people you know or people you have brought (or would have brought) to meetings over the past year? Those you would have mentioned our great PAC to, who you would have brought to a postcarding event or a demonstration or a speech of some sort. Can you send me their name and email address so we can add them to our list? Fighting for our democracy is growing more important by the day.

Thank you...just reply to this email and send me names and emails. They will be happy to get involved and we will be so appreciative!

With Congressional Candidates
Harley Rouda and Jay Chen!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021
6:00 pm
Right here on Zoom!

Post Title - Change Me

April 27, 2021
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

So much news! Thank goodness for the Chauvin verdict, which certainly hasn't changed anything but at least feels right in this dark moment of police brutality. The Biden Justice department is quickly moving to investigate many of the police departments where these murders have taken place, putting all on notice. Hopefully, change is on the horizon.

News yesterday was big and not so good...the recall has qualified for the ballot. We will have more info on how to get involved in our next newsletter. And sadly, with a declining population, California is losing a congressional seat. We will soon have a program on redistricting.

We had a terrific meeting with Professors Robert Robinson and Kenneth Stahl, who were so generous with their time and shared their wisdom on what is on the horizon in the courts with voter rights and suppression. A fascinating discussion and we learned much...we MUST watch the elections for Secretaries of State in all states. Those are critical to our future. We also must stay active, and keep doing what we have been doing....donate, write letters and cards, make calls and get out the vote. We have a chance in 2022 to win the Senate and keep the House and this is truly more important than ever.

Harley Rouda
Candidate for the 48th Congressional District
Jay Chen
Candidate for the 39th Congressional District

Tuesday, May 11, 2021
6:00 pm
Right here on Zoom!

I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks! And if you aren't already a member of DemOC PAC for 2021, please join, using the link below! Now more important than ever...we rely on your money to make our donations. In the last cycle we raised over $100,000! This cycle we will need at least that much to win the Senate and hold our seats. We now know the Republicans will do anything to win and, every dollar counts!


With the subject keeping the House we look forward to welcoming two of our own for the House of Representatives: