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Current Newletter


May 14, 2022
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

I know that I, as you, have been fixated on the news. Hillary Clinton spoke to me in a CBS interview when she said,

"This opinion is dark, it is incredibly dangerous and its not just about a woman's right to choose; it's about much more than that and I hope people now are fully aware of what we're up against. Because the only answer is at the ballot box, to elect people who will stand up for every American's rights.

"And any American who says, 'I'm not a woman, this doesn't effect me, I'm not black, that doesn't effect me, I'm not gay, that doesn't effect me...' Once you allow this kind of extreme power to take hold, you have no idea who they will come for next."

I am absolutely horrified about what is happening. To the rights of women to control their own bodies and I know, as Hillary says, women are just the beginning. Much as I thought that the election of 2020 was the most important, I was wrong. 2022 is the most important election of our time. And then the one after that.

We must increase our donations, we must increase our activism, we must increase our numbers, we must increase our involvement. We can win and we must win. We will register new voters and we will encourage those registered voters who often skip the off-year elections, to get out and vote.

I encourage you to attend our meetings, to get involved in any way you can, to join the PAC, to give more and to give monthly if that works for you. I upped my donations this month and I hope you will join me.

Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you this coming Tuesday, May 17.