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Time to PAC-TIVATE!! Only 3 short months to Nov. 3!

August 15, 2020
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Julie Tapp here, Activism Chair for DemOC PAC.
We have a few activism options below for you, our smart, dedicated, wonderful volunteers. But first, please take a moment to consider what you can and will commit to between now and Nov. 3 to help Democrats win. Will you volunteer once a week? Could you do more than that? Can you ask others to join you? Can you give more money? With 12 weeks to go, your efforts can truly add up, and give you something to feel proud about WHEN WE WIN THESE ELECTIONS!

Personally, I plan to give at least 2 hours every day between now and Election Day to put my values into action. I am sacrificing income, my comfort zone, and binge-watching standup specials to make a difference on the issues that keep me up at night! 

Phone Banks for OC's Incumbent Members of Congress
Harley Rouda & Katie Porter need our help

Most of us don't love doing phone calls (yet), but Roni Feinstein and I have committed to helping facilitate phone banks for you once a week, because it's what the campaigns say they need the most. More info below from Roni about the latest from Harley's campaign folks.*

We really, really hope you will become phone bankers with us! Let's stretch outside our comfort zones together for a couple hours a week. We will learn together, and make a difference together. It's a small price to pay to keep Orange County blue...we cannot let the OC return to its red roots!

Phone banks will be conducted hand in hand with the campaigns, from the comfort of our own homes. Please be prepared to use your computer and possibly your phone for these activities. Training and debriefing will be provided weekly

Wednesdays at 4:30-6:30pm from Aug. 12 until Nov. 3, training included, with Julie
Sign up here:
Email Julie to let her know you signed up:

Wednesdays from 5:00-7:00pm from Aug. 12 until Nov. 3, training included, with Roni
Sign up here:
Email Roni to let her know you signed up:

*Note from Roni Feinstein about Harley's campaign
I hope everyone is safe and well and sufficiently motivated by the current political situation to be willing to join me in phone banking for Harley Rouda beginning this Wednesday evening every Wednesday thereafter.

To be clear, I do not like phone banking, which takes me out of my comfort zone, postcarding being much preferred. However, I spoke with Liz Byrnes-Mandelbaum, CA Dem Field Director CA-48 about what we as a group can best do to help the Harley campaign and she made it very clear that postcarding is NOT needed right now. Their biggest priority is PHONE BANKING, since knocking on doors is not possible. Over 600,000 calls need to be made in our district, both initial calls and then follow-ups, as they are hoping to reach out to some voters up to three times. Multiple calls will be needed, not only to persuade people to vote for Harley, but because information about which voting places will be open and about where and how to mail ballots may not be available for some time.  

Each call, moreover, is essential so that voter information can be updated, the calling being data-driven. It is highly important for the campaign (and future campaigns) to target communications, based on whether the number is correct, whether the individual will be voting for Harley, or if they should not be contacted again.

The online phone bank training run by professional organizers. Our main contact and trainer this Wednesday will be Julien Reiman, whose contact information is below, should you have any preliminary queries for him. Julien will review procedures and talking points and will provide us with a script and frequently asked questions.  Julien Reiman's cell: 404-934-0731; email:
Please know that you will NOT be calling from your personal phone numbers, but will download a Google Voice app on your phone that will generate an alternate, anonymous phone number for you. I have asked Julien to provide us with the telephone numbers of likely Harley voters for our initial calls, so that we can all feel comfortable until we become seasoned phone banking pros! 

Once the training is completed, DemOC PAC members who have volunteered will be put into our own breakout room, so we can ask questions and begin making calls together as a group, with an organizer available to serve as our guide. Should you not be available this Wednesday, sign up for the following Wednesday (or for any other time that is convenient for you). Please note on your calendars, that DemOCPAC members will be making calls for Harley Rouda EVERY Wednesday evening from 5:00-7:00 p.m. going forward!

I hope you will join me in supporting Harley Rouda and in making a difference together!


Postcarding for Rep. Katie Porter
Many are concerned about the overload that is about to hit the USPS with political mailers, postcards, and most importantly, BALLOTS in October. What we are hearing anecdotally from postal workers is not good. They are backlogged, overwhelmed, and fearful about PO closures and job losses. So our goal is to wrap up postcarding efforts by the end of August, just to be safe and pave the way for ballots. 

There is still a short window in which we can write turnout-boosting postcards in hard-to-reach areas of Katie Porter's district. For this campaign, you will purchase your own postcards and stamps, and then mail the cards yourself by the end of the month. I will send you a list of addresses, one or 2 links to postcards you could purchase, an approved script and instructions once you sign up. 
Sign up here: 

Finally, no DemOC PAC newsletter is complete without a financial ask. Please be sure to share what we do with friends and family who might be able to donate. DemOC PAC's member-driven, strategic campaign giving is rare model. By bundling donations, we have a bigger impact as a group. We are watching other races, and still want to "max out" to our OC Congressional Reps as soon as we raise the funds.

Check out the campaigns that we, DemOC PAC, supported in July, 2020!
Joseph Biden - President - $1,000
Gil Cisneros - Congress - $1,000*
Mike Levin - Congress - $1,000*
Katie Porter - Congress - $1,000* 
Harley Rouda - Congress - $1,000* 
Steve Bullock - against Sen. Steve Daines- MT Senate - $1,000 
John Hickenlooper - against Sen. Cory Gardner- CO Senate - $1,000 
Theresa Greenfield - against Sen. Joni Ernst - IA Senate - $1,000 
Jaime Harrison - against Sen. Lindsey Graham - SC Senate - $1,000 
Sara Gideon - against Sen. Susan Collins - ME Senate - $500*
Cal Cunningham - against Sen. Thom Tillis - NC Senate $500* 
Amy McGrath - against Sen. Mitch McConnell - KY Senate $500
Mark Kelly - against Sen. Martha McSally - AZ Senate $500* 
Doug Jones - trying to hold his seat - AL Senate $500
*Additional donations made previously in 2020

Thanks for being in this with us... what a gift it is to use our privilege to help save our democracy!!