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We must act NOW!

May 12, 2022
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

When I turn on the TV and see the protesters at the Supreme Court, I flash back to when I was in college, celebrating in the streets when the Roe decision that changed our lives became the law of the land, when the rights of women to have control over our own bodies were finally secured. Now, as I watch today's protesters, I cannot breathe. It is too shocking and it is too sad. It is wrong and it could be just the beginning.

I know you are you as outraged, infuriated, frightened, and appalled as we are by what is happening in the Supreme Court.  This is the first time in history the Supreme Court will have revoked a constitutional right. And the stark reality is that a woman’s right to choose may soon be stripped away, potentially everywhere in the country. If the Republicans win in November, more of our rights will be trampled.  

We cannot and we must not let this happen! Please join us and help us to elect Democrats to Congress and the Senate in the Fall. We absolutely must hold the House, and we have to make gains in the Senate. We cannot let Republicans take over and steamroll women’s rights and human rights. Please donate today.

You know we will be trustworthy guardians of your dollars, to get them to the races where we can make a difference, so that we can prevail in November.

Thank you so much,

Lita Robinow, Chair, Deborah Newquist, Fundraising Chair
and the DemOC PAC Executive Committee