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Holiday Party!

November 19, 2022

See you Tuesday Nov. 15th

November 14, 2022
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

As the election results continue to come in our sighs of relief grow louder and our smiles bigger. There was absolutely no red wave, it looks like we are going to hold the Senate and if we lose the House it will be by a slim margin. Regarding our local candidates? Katie's lead is widening but we won't have an answer for several days, Mike has a lead but also must wait. Sadly, Jay Chen and Asif Mahmood lost.

What do we know for sure? That women showed up to vote because they do care more about their bodies than the price of milk; that younger people voted in large numbers and they are now a large Democratic voting block, that Blacks and other minorities tend to vote Democratic (do not count out Latinos, like the media has tried to) and that a majority of Americans, including a number of independents and moderate Republicans, believe our Democracy is precious and are not willing to part with it. I find this thrilling.

We also learned that our participation, our activism and our money made a difference.

Campaigns we gave to are listed below my signature but I want to thank you for participating!

I look forward to learning more about what happened on Election Day, having more results, hearing your input and the input of our speakers when we get together next Tuesday!

Please save the date for our Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 6 at 5:00 pm. Details to follow. Food, fun and a book raffle are promised.

Enjoy your weekend!

The following races received donations from DemOC PAC and thanks to Chris Marx, their status is listed!:

CA47 Katie Porter-still counting but she is ahead
CA49 Mike Levin-still counting but he is ahead
CA45 Jay Chen-still counting; Michelle Steel is ahead
CA40 Dr. Mahmood-Young Kim won (We did not give as much money to Mahmood)
CA13 Adam Gray-still counting; Republican John Duarte is only slightly ahead
CA27 Christie Smith-still counting; Mike Garcia is ahead
CA22 Rudy Salas-still counting; David Valadao is ahead
AK01 Mary Peltola-still counting; she is ahead. Alaska has ranked choice voting, so if candidates do not win a majority of first-choice votes, we may not know winner until late November
CO08 Yadira Caraveo-new district. Caraveo won, a great pick up for Dems
IN01 Frank Mrvan-he won
KS03 Sharice Davids-she won
ME02 Jared Golden-still counting. He is ahead but if candidates don’t receive a majority in ranked-choice voting, second choices will not be tabulated until the week after the election.
NE02 Tony Vargas. He lost
NM02 Gabriel Vasquez-he won (beat a Republican incumbent)
NY19 Josh Riley-he lost
NY22 Francis Conole-still counting; Republican Brandon Williams is slightly ahead
OH01 Greg Landsman-he won and beat Republican incumbent Steve Chabot
OH13 Emilia Sykes-she won
PA08 Matt Cartwright-he won
PA17 Christopher DeLuzio-he won
VA02 Elaine Luria-she lost

Ohio, Tim Ryan. He lost. However, there is some indication that because he was a good candidate, he may have helped Dems win House races OH01, OH09, and OH13.
Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto. Still counting. She is behind by 821 votes and has a good chance.
North Carolina, Cheri Beasley-she lost
Pennsylvania, John Fetterman. He won, a pick up for Democrats.
Wisconsin, Mandela Barnes-he lost but so far by only 1%

Tomorrow Nov. 8th

November 08, 2022
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

Tomorrow is the final day of this 2022 election and, though we won't have all the results by tomorrow night, we will have some idea where it is going. The polls have taken us on a roller coaster, but they aren't necessarily reliable and don't tell the whole story. I'm not prone to taking them completely seriously. (Plus, my political scientist husband tells me that many of the quickie polls are based on old models that skew Republican!)

I have been listening to my gut, to Michael Moore (who says its all about turnout), to the fact that voter turnout is high, that the Dems are as engaged as the Republicans, that women do not want to give their bodies to the government, that we worked long and hard for our freedom and we don't forget over the course of a few months. That democracy matters more than the cost of a tank of gas or a can of soup. I watch my fellow PAC members give money more than ever, walk, make calls, and engage and engage and I feel hope.

So tomorrow, when I turn on the TV at 5 pm and they start calling races, I hope and expect those borderline races to go blue. Because all of us who are the real patriots, who took the time to really pay attention to what is happening, who are willing to defend the flag with our actions, who are willing to defend human and individual rights, the rights of the less fortunate, the rights of everyone in our society, to vote and to be counted...we all voted and there are more of us than there are of them. With any amount of luck, democracy will win tomorrow night. Or in the nights following, when those votes are counted.

And, if you want to keep working, walking, talking and helping people get to the polls, the campaigns still need you for get out the vote, last minute phone calls and more. It is not too late!

MIKE LEVIN - go to
JAY CHEN - go to

Wherever you are tomorrow night, I hope to raise a glass with you in spirit and in reality on November 15 when we gather together.

Until then, be well, and thank you for all you have done!