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There’s a lot going on in Orange County and across the country. Use our calendar to see upcoming local events. And use these links to track more political activity – we’ve found the sites to be good resources.

Our Senators and Representatives (find by zip code)

Democratic Party of Orange County

Swing Left (National site; drill down for OC)

Reports on fundraising and lobbying

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Upcoming Events

Zoom DemOC Pac Meeting

Start Date:



Zoom Call

Event Description:

We are lucky enough to be joined by
Congressman Mike Levin!!
next Tuesday, April 14
at 5 pm (Please note the early hour)

Congressman Levin will
present an overview of the legislation being developed in Congress, including the next phase to help people and combat the effects of Covid19 along with Congressional actions to prepare Orange County for Covid19
Thoughts on climate change
A campaign update
National Primary briefing

You don't have to drive, bring goodies, or physically distance at this will be in the comfort of your home, on your computer, pad or smartphone.
Official link to follow, but please mark your calendar today. Zoom is pretty easy but if you've never been on a Zoom call, you might take a peek!

Congresswoman Katie Porter

Start Date:




Event Description:

We are so excited to be joined by
Congresswoman Katie Porter!!
Tuesday, April 21

There will be a Q&A following.

Zoom Meeting with Harly Rouda

Start Date:




Event Description:

We will be joined by
Congressman Harley Rouda!
Tuesday, May 12
6 pm

Zoom information follows. Please click on this early, as you must register for this meeting. Thanks so much!

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