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Note From Lita

January 14, 2021

Be sure to scroll down for news of our meeting on Monday with Katrina Foley!

So many memorable days and it is only the 14th day of the New Year...yesterday was the day of the Second Impeachment of the worst president in our history. Who would have thought a sitting president would incite an insurrection against the U.S. government in order to subvert a free and fair election? Truly dark. I never thought I would say this but thank goodness for Liz Cheney. Her words were forceful, true, and elegant. Those words do not apply to the rest of a wretched Republican Party. This time the Democrats unanimously voted for impeachment along with 10 Republicans. We now await the Senate trial...apparently after Joe Biden's and Kamala Harris' Inauguration.

The United States Capitol is currently guarded by more troops than are in the Middle East and it is the fortress we never wished for. Thank you Donald Trump and your minions. Apparently, several Congresspeople gave reconnaissance tours to some of the disrupters on January 5th so they might know their way around our beloved Capitol. As the ugly truth continues to come out, I imagine we will see more resignations or some sort of Impeachments/Firings? It is less than a week now until the Inauguration. We can only hope that it is without disruption and peaceful as, thankfully, a sea of Blue washes over Washington DC.

There is some good news in the OC. The COVID19 vaccine is available to everyone 65 and over. I'm not sure all the ways to get it but if you go to and register, you will be able to get the vaccine at one of 2 sites...either Disneyland or somewhere in Huntington Beach. You have to create a login and password after answering a few questions and then, if you are lucky, it will take you to a sign-up form. Right now, there are no spots available, but there will be. I was able to sign up on Wednesday and then all the spots filled up. People are now waiting for new slots to open. They are trying to get everyone vaccinated quickly! It is supposed to go to 55+ shortly and they want everyone vaccinated by July 4!

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday. Have a great, safe and healthy weekend.

Under a week!
ear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,
Costa Mesa Mayor and Candidate for OC Board of Supervisors
Katrina Foley
is joining us

Monday, January 18, 2021
5:45 pm

We look forward to speaking with Katrina, hearing her thoughts about the election and speaking about the extreme importance that the OC Board of Supervisors plays in all of our lives. The election is coming quickly, on March 9, 2021.

Following Katrina's presentation, we will spend some time together, chatting about issues of the day, which no doubt will be the Impeachment, the Inauguration and anything else you wish to discuss!