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Current Newletter

Note from Lita

May 17, 2022
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

As I write this I am watching the news about the horrific Buffalo shootings and then, right in our backyard, the shootings at a Laguna Woods church. Every day, more shootings, More than 200 mass shootings in less than 6 months. Hate motivated, anger motivated, in homes, in malls, theaters, houses of worship, literally anywhere. Too many shootings, too many guns, too much hate. And too many legislators who care more about money than they do about human life. Oh, the Republican electeds say they care about human life prior to birth, but once we are here they care not a whit.

The gun situation has always been heartbreaking to me and, through my adult life, through all of our adult lives, it has gotten so much worse.

We are most certainly at a crossroads here. A crossroads to protect our country, to protect our democracy, to protect our rights. And, if we manage to elect a Democratic majority, they CAN do something about guns.

Today, as I was watching the pollsters, they actually admitted that the Dems can win the Senate. Well, we can win the House too, yes we can, and we can begin to stop this madness.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night.